Make More Language Learning Progress in the next 3 Months Than in All of the Previous Year... 

Limited Opening: 1-on-1 Language Coaching for Independent Language Learners

Available for German, Spanish, French and Italian

Lukas from The Polyglot Life

You've probably heard it before: a language can not be taught, it can only be learned. 

If you're serious about learning a language, you can't depend on a teacher...

You are the one who needs to understand the grammar, learn vocabulary, and put it enough practice.

And that can be overwhelming!

There are so many ​language learning materials you can use.

So many different methods to try out.

So many apps that promise to make you fluent.

​What I hear from my students the most is the following:

"I just want a clear, easy-to-follow, long-term structure ​for my language learning. No more guesswork, no complexity; just waking up every day and knowing exactly what I'm going to do to improve my target language."

"I don't want to look for more language learning materials anymore. I just want to find a method that works for me, and then stick with it"

"Oh, and maybe  some efficient strategies to learn grammar and vocabulary would come in handy too"

Did you notice? 

None of these questions are about specific language-related issues.


It's all about "meta-problems".

About how to learn languages.

About creating a solid language learning routine, and having the confidence that you're doing precisely the right things to improve your target language.

About using the best strategies to learn vocabulary and grammar, so you don't forget it anymore and you can actually use what you learn.

About ways to practise your languages consistently, so they become a real part of your life. ​

THIS is what's really going to make you fluent in a language...

And it's not something a language teacher usually talks about!​

Enter... Language Coaching!

What you really need is someone who helps you personally with defining your goals, integrating a solid language learning routine in your life and coach you on your path to fluency.

You see, just like in sports, like in the gym or while learning any other skill really, having an expert by your side to keep who works with you 1-on-1, gives you guidance and keeps you accountable can be very, very beneficial.

A coach helps you with strategies, keeps you on track, shows you what to focus on next and keeps you accountable, so you keep putting in the work every single week.

Put otherwise: a teacher will show you a thing or two about a language, its grammar and it's vocabulary.

A language coach will show you exactly how to learn a language, so you can do it yourself... now, and for EVERY language you want to learn in the future.

This is exactly what I do with my coaching clients.

Usually they need just that extra push, and some personalized advice from an expert who’s been through the language learning process in 5 languages to feel confident and motivated, get to work and make super-fast progress in their target language.

So if you’re super-serious about learning a language over the next months and you want me personally on your side to reach your language learning goals, I want to give you the chance to work with me personally, 1-on-1, in an exclusive coaching program called the  90-Day Language Learning Blueprint Coaching Program.

Your 1-on-1 Language Blueprint Coaching Invitation

In the Language Learning Blueprint Coaching Program, I’m going to coach you personally and make sure you learn your target language in the most efficient way possible. The goal of this coaching is to have you make more progress in your target language in the next 3 months than you've made in the previous years... or years! 

That might be a bold claim, but make no mistake: that’s what typically happens when you go through a program like this and you finally have access to solid language learning strategies AND personalized learning materials!

As you've probably already guessed, this is a 3-month program. This is how I usually work with my clients, because it’s the minimum timeframe to make some measurable, lasting progress in your target language, but it’s also the maximum timeframe to make a reasonable planning.

So here's how it goes down.

1. Preparation: A 12-Week Blueprint For Fluency

First of all, I guide you through a full assessment of your language learning journey so far.

We look back at what you've done so far, your strengths, weaknesses, what you like doing, what you don't enjoy, what you've done well and which areas need some extra work.

Then we look forward. Together, we'll discover:

  • Your "Big Why": the reason why you're learning your target language
  • Your "Vision": your dream scenario and the very specific situations in which you want to learn your target language.

Based on this assessment, we'll then create a 12-week personalized lesson plan for you.  so we can make sure you spend your time on the right activities.

blueprint for fluency, if you will.

2. Personalized Learning Materials

The Blueprint gives you two things: personalized lessons for you to study, and an immersive environment for you to expose yourself casually to your target language and have fun with the language.

Personalized Lessons

I have a team of German, French, Spanish and Italian tutors who are constantly creating new learning materials for people in my coaching programs.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll get a sequence of structured lessons, created to teach you fundamental grammar and vocabulary that you need at your specific level, and also a couple of personalized lessons, on topics that interest you  and that want to have effortless conversations in.

The lessons come with audio, transcript, a parallel translation in English, grammar, vocabulary and cultural explanations, some exercises, and a flashcard deck. They're a compact, all in one package that gives you everything you need to make the most out of the materials. 

You get 1 lesson that you work with for a week. 

Pretty minimalist, right?

That's why it works so well.

The lesson contain more than enough material to keep you busy for a week, AND it helps you stay laser-focused and makes sure you don't get overwhelmed by the huge number of learning materials out there on the internet and in textbooks.

What's more: our tutors will create these lessons on request. That means: you ask for a topic, and they create a  lesson about it specifically for you. So no cookie-cutter approach here!

They'll also help you with any questions you have about your target language.

Immersive Environment

On top of that, I also help you set up an immersive environment so you get a lot of casual, fun exposure to your target language. It doesn't matter where you are in the world - there are excellent podcasts, tv series, news outlets, books, ebooks, even language exchange websites that you can use to engage with your target language every single day. 

It can be difficult to set this up all by yourself, though, so I help you choose the resources, and find the hidden moments to add language practice into your day without having to make time for it!

3. The Language Habit Transformation: Strategies and 1-on-1 Coaching Calls With Me to keep you on track

The only way you’re going to succeed in becoming fluent in your target language is with solid habits in place.

So during our 12 weeks together, habit-creation will have a crucial place as well.

The Best Learning Strategies

First of all, you need the right language learning strategies. 

That's why you get access to my full workshop suite, which is called the Language Learning Blueprint.  

You'll learn all about my own, proprietary language learning methods that I believe are responsible for my own language learning success and that of my students:

  • Language Learning Routine Workshop that shows you how to make language learning inevitable in your life;
  • Vocab Cycle Workshop that shows you how to move away from learning isolated words and grammar rules (which makes you clumsy and leaves you tongue-tied in conversations), and start learning word chunks that just roll off the tongue instead;
  • The Perfect Practice Series, in which you’ll learn the best techniques to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

This will equip you with a unique set of tools that work together and integrate all aspects of language learning.

Make Language Learning Inevitable

Second, you need to make language learning, and your target language in general, inevitable in your life. You need to make it so that you can’t help but be exposed to your target language! I’ve talked a bit about this in the previous video. 

Put these conditions in place, and everything will become much easier.


On top of all this, you’re going to get 1-on-1 coaching calls with me every two weeks to keep you on track.

I'll give you a progress tracker to fill out every single day. 

Then during our calls, we take a look which work you’ve done, see if we can tweak/improve something and plan your next language learning weeks.

On these calls you can also ask me any question you want - so you have absolute, full clarity of what you will do every day to improve your target language.

This will all help you in sticking to your routine for a prolonged period of time and make sure you stay engaged and motivated during the 12 weeks. 

4. The Big Review

After 12 weeks, it’s time for “The Big Review”! 

During The Big Review, you look back on what you accomplished, and see if the following things happened:

If you’ve done a good job during these 12 weeks, you’ll have made some pretty incredible progress. 

Like Brian Gibb, one of my students who implemented my strategies for 90 days, and made some amazing progress:

See that he says that he did a full year of Spanish study in just 3 months? Well, that's absolutely possible for you too, if you follow this blueprint.

During the Big Review, you might notice that besides improved language skills, there are some other amazing things that might have happened in your life.

  1. Your listening comprehension will have improved a lot. 
  2. You’ll have learned loads of vocabulary. Not just random words or grammar rules, but actual vocabulary that's useful to you, that you can use immediately in sentences, and that rolls off the tongue.
  3. If you immerse yourself in the language, make it part of your life, expose yourself, you’ll probably fall in love with it even more, get to know the culture, characteristics, how people interact, what they find important, etc. You’ll have added a new “Language Dimension” to your life.
  4. You’ll have created some really solid language learning habits! 3 months of consistent studying, immersing, doing flashcards, listening, has a transformational effect on you. That'll give you the confidence that you can do this over and over again and take on ANY language. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it!

Now, this really is the culmination of all the work I did studying a lot of languages myself, studying other top “polyglots”, working with 200+ language learners, hearing their feedback, learning about productivity strategies, etc.

This is the perfect program for you if you’ve been fiddling around for too long and you need the proverbial "kick in the butt” to finally get going.

The combination of a higher-stakes commitment you make here, the best language learning strategies and materials, and someone who’s there for you personally to bring you to the next level is super-powerful.

Want to Apply? Read this.

There are hundreds of students in my regular workshops and language courses, and obviously, I can't give all of them the direct personal access and constant follow-up that comes with this Language Blueprint Program.

I only take on a small number of people at any give time as personal coaching clients, and I want to keep it that way.

Because if you're not entirely committed and serious about learning your target language, and if you're not willing to implement the proven strategies I will give you, then honestly, I probably can't (and don't want to) help you. I've tried to help half-motivated people before, and it turned out to be a waste of their and my time.

So here are the application conditions to separate the wheat from the chaff:

  1. I only take on 2 students per language at any given time
  2. To show me and yourself that you're serious, draw a line in the sand and start a new chapter in your language learning journey, the fee for the 3-month Language Blueprint Program with private coaching is $1297.  In return for your investment and commitment, I promise to give you everything you need to get fluent in your target language.
  3. If there are coaching spots available, there'll be an orange button at the bottom of this page. Click on it and fill out the short survey to see if we're a good fit!

One final note: there are a lot of free and cheap resources to learn languages out there. The success rate among people who use them - and with success I mean people who are actually able to hold effortless conversations after using them - is abysmal

Not because they're bad materials! 

The reason is that they don't require any commitment from your side.

And let me tell you: learning a language is a big, long-term commitment.

And such commitments always hurt a bit!

But in my experience, the more it hurts, the more you'll be motivated to make it happen and make sure it pays off.

And take it from a guy who learned 5 (and failed a couple of times too!), lived in 5 different countries and has the freedom to travel the world: becoming fluent in a foreign language and connecting with people from all over the world definitely pays off 🙂 

So if you think you're ready for that commitment, and the payoff that it'll bring you, check if there are available spots below and apply now! 

Current availability (updated April 5, 2018):

I currently have 1 opening in the Language Learning Blueprint Program for German, French, Spanish and Italian.

If you're ready to work with me and make more progress in your target language in the next 3 months than all of last year, then click the button below and fill out the short survey. 

I'll review your application and if we're a good fit, I'll get in touch to sort out all the details.

Let's do this together!

- Lukas

PS: Do you have some language learning questions or just want a quick strategy call to help you get unstuck? I also offer one-off 30-min Skype consultation sessions. Contact me for more information!

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