Make More Language Learning Progress in the next 3 Months Than in All of the Previous Year... 

Limited Opening: 1-on-1 Language Coaching for Independent Language Learners 

Lukas from The Polyglot Life

You've probably heard it before: a language can not be taught, it can only be learned. 

If you're serious about learning a language, you can't depend on a teacher...

You are the one who needs to understand the grammar, learn vocabulary, and put it enough practice.

And that can be overwhelming!

There are so many ​language learning materials you can use.

So many different methods to try out.

So many apps ​that all promise you to make you fluent.

​What I hear from my students the most is the following:

"I just want a clear, easy-to-follow, long-term structure ​for my language learning. No more guesswork, no complexity; just waking up every day and knowing exactly what I'm going to do to improve my target language."

"I don't want to look for more language learning materials anymore. I just want to find a method that works for me, and then stick with it"

"Oh, and maybe  some efficient strategies to learn grammar and vocabulary would come in handy too"

Did you notice? 

None of these questions are about specific language-related issues.


It's all about "meta-problems".

About how to learn languages.

About creating a solid language learning routine, and having the confidence that you're doing precisely the right things to improve your target language.

About using the best strategies to learn vocabulary and grammar, so you don't forget it anymore and you can actually use what you learn.

About ways to practise your languages consistently, so they become a real part of your life. ​

THIS is what's really going to make you fluent in a language...

And it's not something a language teacher usually talks about!​

Enter... Language Coaching!

What you really need is someone who helps you personally with defining your goals, integrating a solid language learning routine in your life and coach you on your path to fluency.

You see, just like in sports, like in the gym or while learning any other skill really, having an expert by your side to keep who works with you 1-on-1, gives you guidance and keeps you accountable can be very, very beneficial.

A coach helps you with strategies, keeps you on track, shows you what to focus on next and keeps you accountable, so you keep putting in the work every single week.

Put otherwise: a teacher will show you a thing or two about a language, its grammar and it's vocabulary.

A language coach will show you exactly how to learn a language, so you can do it yourself... now, and for EVERY language you want to learn in the future.

This is exactly what I do with my coaching clients.

Usually they need just that extra push, and some personalised advice from an expert who’s been through the language learning process in 5 languages to feel confident and motivated, get to work and make super-fast progress in their target language.

So if you’re super-serious about learning a language over the next months and you want me personally on your side to reach your language learning goals, I want to give you the chance to work with me personally, 1-on-1, in an exclusive coaching program called the  90-Day Language Learning Blueprint Coaching Program.

Your 1-on-1 Language Blueprint Coaching Invitation

In the Language Learning Blueprint Coaching Program, I’m going to coach you personally and make sure you learn your target language in the most efficient way possible. The goal of this coaching is to have you make more progress in your target language in the next 3 months than you've made in the previous years... or years! 

That might be a bold claim, but make no mistake: that’s what typically happens when you go through a program like this and you finally have access to solid language learning strategies!

As you guessed, this is a 3-month program. This is how I usually work with my clients, because it’s the minimum timeframe to make some measurable, lasting progress in your target language, but it’s also the maximum timeframe to make a reasonable planning.

So here's how it goes down.

First of all, you get access to my full workshop suite, which is called the Language Learning Blueprint.  Included: the Language Learning Routine Workshop, Vocab Cycle Workshop and a special extra one called the Perfect Practice Series, in which you’ll learn amazing techniques to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills (all within the SE Framework).

This will equip you with a unique set of tools that work together and integrate all aspects of language learning.

A blueprint for fluency, if you will.

On top of this full product suite, you’re going to get 1-on-1 coaching calls with me every two weeks. On these calls we first of all decide on a 90-day strategy for your language learning goals, so we can make sure you spend your time on the right activities.

In the subsequent calls we go through your schedule, see which work you’ve done, see if we can tweak/improve something and plan your next language learning weeks.

On these calls you can also ask me any question you want - so you have absolute, full clarity of what you will do every day to improve your target language.

We work together through the 90 days, and at the end we review your progress and I’ll leave you with a game plan to further improve your target language!

This program combines the best of both worlds: the Blueprint  to give you the best strategies for designing a language learning routine, learning vocabulary, practising speaking, listening, reading and writing... And a personal coach and accountability partner who adapts everything to your needs, gives you a fully personalised language learning strategy and follows up with you during these 3 months!

This is the perfect program for you if you’ve been fiddling around for too long and you need the proverbial "kick in the butt” to finally get going.

The combination of a higher-stakes commitment you make here, the best language learning strategies and someone who’s there for you personally to bring you to the next level is super-powerful.

How to Apply

I currently have a couple of openings in the Language Learning Blueprint Program. If you're ready to work with me and make some amazing progress in your target language over the next months, then click the button below and fill out the short survey. 

I'll review your application and if we're a good fit, we'll schedule a free call to give you some more information and sort out the details.

Let's do this together!

- Lukas

PS: Do you have some language learning questions or just want a quick strategy call to help you get unstuck? I also offer one-off 30-min Skype consultation sessions. Contact me for more information!

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