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The Vocab Cycle Workshop


The Vocab Cycle Workshop is a 5-part workshop that introduces you to the foundation of the language learning method we use at The Polyglot Life and in the language-specific courses . Does it work? Ask the 100's of students who have taken this workshop with great success.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Why you're still clumsy and tongue-tied in conversations in your target language, no matter how much grammar and vocab you're learning
  • How to move away from learning boring word lists and grammar rules and start learning chunks that roll off the tongue in conversations instead
  • How to create a fool-proof memory system that imprints new chunks on your brain every single day so it's readily available to you in conversations
  • Where to find the learning materials and resources that show you how to speak like a native

Works for ANY language. As a bonus, you you get extra case studies and sample dialogues for German, French, Spanish, Italian, English. 

This is foundational knowledge for ANYONE who's ever tried to learn a language, felt like they were guessing at the right way to say things and struggled with stringing together sentences. 

The ​Inevitable Language Learning Routine Workshop


The Inevitable Language Learning Routine Workshop is a 5-part workshop that shows you how to structure your language learning and create a routine that makes progress inevitable.​​​​

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Why you shouldn't structure your language learning around the 'big 4' skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening)
  • Why the Study-Exposure Framework helps you reduce overwhelm, keeps boring studying to a minimum and maximizes the FUN you have with your target language
  • How to make sure you avoid overwhelm and "resource overload" and stick to a limited set of resources that give you maximum language learning results (AND save you a lot of money!)
  • How to make exposure to your target language inevitable and abundant in your life without having to make time for it (and without moving abroad)
  • How to keep track of your progress and adjust your routine as you get more fluent.

Works for ANY language. As a bonus, you also get a bonus progress tracker so you can keep yourself accountable, and access to a private Facebook group with other language learners who follow the same system.

12 in 12 Challenge


Available for Spanish, French, German, Italian

The 12 in 12 Challenges are our flagship language courses. In 12 weeks, we help you get to effortless conversations in 12 topics. You get guidance, accountability, personal coaching AND personalized learning materials made for you by our tutors.  
The ultimate goal? Help you make more progress in the next 12 weeks than in all of last year...

As a participant in the 12 in 12 Challenge, you get:

  • Initial assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, dreams and needs to create your Personal 12-Week Plan with learning materials at your level
  • Every week a new lesson with audio,  transcript, translation, vocab and grammar explanations and a flashcard deck. Our tutors create 3 personalized lessons based on your needs so you learn only about situations relevant to you.
  • Support and Accountability Framework: stay focused with our progress tracker a community of other language learners
  • Coaching (email and group calls) from/with me during the full duration of the program, so I can help you stay on track
  • Facebook Group with Tutor to answer all your questions
  • (Live) training in the best language learning strategies
  • Bonus: access to all my language learning workshops (listed above)

Available in Spanish, French, German and Italian. Enrolment opens every 3 months.

Next round starts at the end of May. Spots are limited, so add yourself to the waiting list now to get notified when enrollment opens!

Language Blueprint Coaching


Available for Spanish, French, German, Italian

I take on a limited number of students that work with my privately to transform their language learning and reach fluency in record-time. 

A 3-month program that requires, commitment, willpower and passion from you, in return for which I will give you intensive coaching, guidance, personalized learning materials, access to tutors and all my strategy workshops and expertise. In short: everything you need to get fluent! 

Enrollment by application only (and subject to availability). For more details and to check availability, click here.

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