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My Story

How rude of me: I haven't introduced myself properly! Let's make that right.

I'm Lukas, the founder of The Polyglot Life. Here you can see me in my hometown, Antwerp:

Though chances are that if you find me somewhere in the city, it'll look more like this:

Lukas from The Polyglot Life

That's me translating, blogging, writing, or learning languages!

Languages have always been important in my life.

I started learning my first ‘foreign’ language at the age of 10, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Today I speak Dutch (my mother tongue), English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.​

Over the past 14 years, I've tried to learn languages in countless ways.​

I’ve learned them at school. I’ve used private tutors. I've learned them by myself.

I’ve used language learning software and plain old-school course books. I’ve used dusty grammar books and I’ve crammed hundreds of pages of dry vocabulary.

I went to university to study for a degree in applied linguistics and an MA in interpretation. I then went on to complete a trilingual MA in European and International Politics, that improved my French, German and English skills tremendously and allowed me to live in France and Germany. I now live in Italy and work as a translator.

I’ve lived in 5 different countries to learn a language completely by immersion. I've also studied languages from my little bedroom in Antwerp, Belgium.

At one point I even got myself a Spanish girlfriend, just to learn Spanish! (just kidding, of course I wasn’t just dating her because she spoke Spanish. But it didn’t hurt either ;) ).

As you can see: I’ve tried it all.

My Polyglot Life in figures

I speak...

6 languages

I've lived in...

5 countries

The #1 most important lesson after learning 5 languages

​Curious what my single most important takeaway is after learning languages for over 14 years?

It's something many people who dedicate themselves to one specific thing for a long time experience...

They spent years experimenting, tweaking and optimising their methods.

Then, once they get to a certain level of mastery, something strange happens:

They throw all the fancy stuff out.

They simplify things.

They go back to basics.


After learning all these languages, you might think my study method is something really complex, completely fine-tuned.

Well, you’d be surprised to see how easy and low-profile my learning is.

It’s fast.

It’s clear.

It’s easy to follow.

And most of all: it fits in my lifestyle.

No matter how busy I might be, I now find the time to learn and practise. Every day.

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How learning languages changed my life

Learning so many languages has brought me amazing opportunities.

It allowed me to live abroad, in 5 different countries.

It allowed me to connect with people of dozens of countries, all over the world.

It even gave me the financial freedom to travel the world.

Over the years, languages have become my profession, but they've always remained my passion.

Most of all, they’re my life.

I now have confident conversations with people in 6 languages.

I can travel to … countries and speak with …. million people in their mother tongue

I speak at least 4 different languages every day.

This is my Polyglot Life. And I couldn’t be happier with it.

What The Polyglot Life Will Do For You

Are you all excited about making real progress in your languages after reading this?


Because I’m going to teach you exactly how to achieve the same! Trust me, even if you’re tackling your first foreign language, you’re going to benefit from this.

Some people might disagree, but in my book, you become a polyglot the moment you utter a sentence in a language that’s not your mother tongue.

That’s when you start living The Polyglot Life.

I’m here to help you designing that life. My goal is to accompany your, from your very first utterance all the way up to mastery.

So what can you expect?

  • Language learning strategies
  • Struggles and victories
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • A curated collection of the best language learning resources
  • ​And above all, a community of likeminded people.

What you won’t find here, is negative talk. Because frankly, as I said before, anyone can learn a language.

You won’t find any magic pill that will give you instant fluency in a language, though.

It takes work. And the road will be hard.

But learning a language is no rocket science. I can assure you, with the right approach and enough motivation, you’ll get there.

With The Polyglot Life, I'll help you find the approach that suits you. And by doing so, you’ll create the life you want. In whatever language you want.

Where Do I Start?

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