Learn a language through the power of observation

Let's be honest: if you really want to get fluent, the traditional ways of learning a language don't work.

We've all tried to learn a language and started out with lots of motivation and big dreams of effortless  conversations... just to give up after a couple of frustrating weeks or months.

Learning endless word lists and grammar rules, only to find yourself tongue-tied and struggling to string together even the simplest sentence in a conversation...

That's not how it's supposed to be!

If you're serious about getting to effortless conversations in your target language, you need a different approach.

I'm Lukas Van Vyve, and I'll give you that different approach. My Effortless Conversations method helps you to become a confident, elegant speaker in any language, have sentences roll off the tongue so you connect with people and cultures from all over the world. Without any of the overwhelm or guesswork.

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3 Keys to Effortless Conversations:

1. Use the power of observation to learn chunks that roll off the tongue, not isolated words and grammar rules

All languages are different - and so are all language learners. But there are basic strategies and structures that stay the same... and unfortunately, many people get them wrong.

I teach you how to speak a language elegantly, like a native. Not through stringing words and grammar rules together into clumsy sentences, but by observing how native speakers use their language... and then saying the same thing!

This system is called "The Vocab Cycle" and it's what has helped me and hundreds of my students get to effortless conversations in their target language.

2. Use conversational learning materials that show you how native speakers speak

Learning a language is fun, but only when you learn the things that are relevant to you.

I help you prepare for exactly the situations you will find yourself in, so you feel like a confident speaker when the time comes.

I work with tutors to create personalized Spanish, French, German and Italian learning materials for students in our programs. That's right: our students tell us what they want to learn about, and my tutors create full lesson packages with audio, transcript, translation, grammar, vocab explanations, exercises and flashcards.

Goodbye, cookie-cutter course!

3. Make success inevitable with a routine that keeps you accountable and reduces overwhelm

To learn a language without any overwhelm, you need to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. You need a clear system.

I help you discover exactly what you want to achieve in your target language and then create an actionable roadmap to  get there.

I've worked with some of the world leaders in performance and productivity training and have used these insights to create 3-month language programs based on the best productivity strategies and inevitability thinking.

Inevitability thinking?

Yep. Our language courses make fluency inevitable.

How does that sound?

Lukas is an author, speaker and the creator of the Effortless Conversations Method and the 12 in 12 Challenge. He has learned 6 languages himself and now helps people from all over the world learn languages--not by cramming word lists and grammar rules, but through the power of observation and chunking. 

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