Learning a Language Just Got Easier

Let's be honest: if you really want to get fluent, the traditional ways of learning a language don't work.

We've all tried to learn a language and started out with mountains of motivation and big dreams of confident conversations... just to give up after a couple of frustrating weeks or months.

If you're serious about learning a language, you need a different approach.​

I'm Lukas Van Vyve, and ​I help you do things differently. I give you a blueprint to become a confident, elegant speaker in any language, connect with other people, other cultures and open up your world. Without any of the overwhelm or guesswork.

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What The Polyglot Life Stands For:

To learn a language without any overwhelm, you need to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. 
You need a clear system.
I help you discover exactly what you want to achieve in your target language and then create an actionable roadmap to  get there.

All languages are different - and so are all language learners. But there are basic strategies and structures that stay the same... and unfortunately, many people get them wrong.

I teach you how to speak a language elegantly, like a native. Not through stringing words and grammar rules together into clumsy sentences, but by observing how native speakers use their language​... and then using it the same way!

Learning a language is fun, but only when you learn the things that are relevant to your specific needs.

I help you prepare for exactly the situations you will find yourself in, so you feel like a confident speaker when the time comes.

Lukas is a translator, interpreter and language coach from Belgium. He's learned (and struggled with) 6 languages  and helps people from all over the world learn a language and open up their world by giving them clear, easy-to-follow systems and strategies that make language learning fun, rewarding and easy.

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